May 18, 2018


Register and pay by June 14th to be eligible for the raffles to win the following prizes:

Tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL
Tickets to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL
Free Nights Stay (quad-occupancy) at the Venue Hotel before or after Conference
Tickets to the post-conference fellowship Yacht StarShip Dinner Cruise on Sun night
Amazon Echo Dot
FREE Conference Registration
Cash Prizes of $50 and $100

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June 1st Raffle Winners: (Live video)

  1. Jessica Salunga, Winnepeg: Free Conference Registration
  2. Celia Figueroa, Illinois: $100 Cash Prize
  3. Arnie Zulueta, Florida
  4. Julius Villanueva, New York: Night’s Stay before/after Conference
  5. Erikson Sy, California: Fitbit
  6. Jonathan Ganal, Oregon: Disney Ticket
  7. Mark Bautista, Florida: Night’s Stay before/after Conference
  8. Lars Cabrera, California: Disney Ticket
  9. Jan Angeles, Florida: $50 Cash Prize
  10. Cynthia Avila, California: $50 Cash Prize

June 15th Raffle Winners:  (Live video)

  1. Zarah Lumanglas, Edmonton: Ticket to Post-Conference Fellowship aboard StarShip Cruise
  2. Jaz Felipe, Florida: $50 Cash Prize
  3. Ashley DeDios, Florida
  4. Stanley Dicdican, Norwalk
  5. Paolo Barraca, New Jersey

July 6th Raffle Winners: (Live video)

  1. Sandra Barlaan, Georgia
  2. Sam Valdez, Illinois
  3. Michelle Jeturian, California
  4. Diane Mendigorin, Montreal
  5. Faith Gaviola, Oregon

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  1. Official Rules. CFC Singles for Christ USA in conjunction with CFC-SFC Canada will conduct three raffles preceding the 2018 SFC North American Conference in Tampa, Florida. By participating in the raffle, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules.
  2. Eligibility. Each raffle is open to all persons who have registered and paid for the 2018 CFC Singles for Christ North American Conference in Tampa Florida by 11:59:59pm ET the night before the respective raffle takes place (See below for raffle dates).
  3. Raffle Dates and Entry. There will be 3 raffles: (a) 1st Raffle: Friday, June 1, 2018; (b) 2nd Raffle: Friday, June 15, 2018; (c) 3rd Raffle: Friday, June 29, 2018. Those who are fully registered and paid for the 2018 CFC Singles For Christ North American Conference in Tampa, Florida by May 31st 11:59:59pm ET will be placed in all 3 raffles. Those who are fully registered and paid by June 14 11:59:59pm ET will be placed in the last 2 raffles. Those who are fully registered and paid by June 28 11:59:59pm ET will be placed in the final raffle.
  4. The Prizes. The Prize pool consists of: (a) one Amazon Echo Dot; (b) two tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL; (c) six tickets to Busch Gardens Theme Park in Tampa Bay, FL; (d) two one-night stays in a quad-occupancy room at USF Embassy Suites either Thurs 8/16/18 night or Sun 8/19/18 night; (e) two tickets to the post-conference fellowship on the Yacht StarShip dinner cruise on Sun 8/19/18 night; (f) one Fitbit; (g) one free registration (given as a cash prize at the amount of the winner’s registration fee); (h) one $100 USD cash prize; (j) three $50 USD cash prizes. Additional prizes may be added.
  5. Selection of Winners. On each of the 3 aforementioned raffle dates, five eligible names will be randomly drawn utilizing automated software to determine the winner of the Prize. The drawing will be recorded and broadcast. The names will be drawn sequentially. In order-drawn each winner will be contacted via the information provided upon registration and asked to choose a Prize from the Prize pool.
  6. Choosing a Prize. Once a winner has chosen a prize it becomes unavailable to be chosen by the other winners. It will be made known to each winner what remains in the Prize pool to select from.
  7. Claiming a Prize. The name and selection of each winner will be recorded and given to the Registration Committee. Each winner can claim their prize at the 2018 SFC North American Conference each winner can claim their Prize at the Registration Table of the Conference. The only exception will be for any winner that selects Prize 4e and opts to stay the Thursday night before conference. In the aforementioned case Secretariat Committee will reach out to the winner to arrange their hotel stay on that date.
  8. Transfer of a Prize. Prizes are non-transferrable. After choosing a Prize, the winner will be the only one who can claim the Prize in person at conference. After claiming it they are free to use the Prize however they would like.
  9. Publicity Release. Each winner, by accepting a Prize, grants the 2018 SFC North American Conference Documentation and Promotions Committee full permission to use such winner’s name, city and state/province, and prize information for promotional purposes without further compensation and without notice, review or approval, in all media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide and in perpetuity.
  10. Winners List. For a list of raffles winners and prizes selected visit sfc.cfcusaconferences.org